Душевые кабины

Душевая кабинка
Душевая кабинка Душевая кабинка Душевая кабинка

Душевая кабинка

Цена: 1 тг.


Артикул: D993A


Потолочный душ


Ручной душ

Термостатический кран

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  • Добавил(а) Mauve , 28.05.2016 17:35
    I missed the ‘eh’ in the episode. Bad me…sometimes I hear ‘hey’ and pretend it is ‘eh’…But I love reading your wrap ups, ( and not just because you use the letter ‘u’ where it should be used…ie in favoUr for all you Novmember Non-snowbank dwellers). Wondering why Lori is/ and everyone is always wearing so many clothes..no I don’t fly that way…just that it is flippin’ Hawaii…! She couldn’t have worn Daisy Dukes at the Car show? Did they have a twofer on shiny leggings? Even on their days ofr028#30;jeans…afgh&#823&;
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